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With the succession of algorithmic changes and business strategies increasingly inclusive of content marketing, SEO has undergone great changes and continues its evolution. SERPs are changing at times with big jolts, especially in the vicinity of Google’s core changes, sometimes slowly with tweaks to the dominant of the more than 200 estimated factors. Content has certainly become the core of SEO, especially when dealing with the front pages of distinct industries. In fact, it is necessary to analyze how the competition behaves and check which contents are considered by google to be the best performing for users. It is not just about keywords density, but about creating a real strategy.


If it is true that google likes strong keywords, that is, those closest to the searched word or phrase, it is also true that synonyms and well-contextualized phrases can improve the ranking, getting the most from onsite SEO (LSI).

If the body of the content is fundamental, titles and meta descriptions are also very selectively relevant, especially when dealing with very competitive serp, the title must be well structured, in order to be able to be positioned for the keyword. main, push-ups and synonyms.


Google is moving towards a more verbal search thanks to mobile apps, and at the same time modifies the algorithms frequently in order to improve understanding of the content and understand its actual value through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learding. It is for these reasons that naturalness must be combined with a strategy of keywords and arguments so valid that they are considered influential SEOs. In addition, we must also take into account internal links, and therefore IA (Information architecture) and cross page navigation that influence the indexing of the page or group of pages of the same topic in a fairly strong and rigorous way. If on the one hand the user experience in many cases seeks a different navigation to the traditional menu, on the other hand it is also necessary to structure groups of similar contents from a conceptual point of view in order to improve SEO performance.


SEO has therefore expanded not only to single page (s) or link building, it has become a science / art that links with other disciplines in order to improve user experience, indexing and conversions. With this in mind, link building has also evolved, today the fundamental factors are the relevance of the site hosting the link, the quality of the content posted, the relevance of the keywords to these 2 parameters. A good tool to understand this logic is Majestic, which in addition to giving a trust flow (a metric based on quality) of the domain, also assigns it to the link, precisely according to relevance and quality. It is therefore necessary to carefully analyze the links that are assigned to us, in order to consider their actual performance.


When it comes to SEO, we usually talk about onsite SEO and offsite SEO. If content is the beating heart of onsite SEO, link building is the fuel that allows you to reach the top of the SERP. Few links, but of great quality and precision. The greatest Juice is obtained from anchor text, but in an SEO campaign we cannot forget about images and banners as well.

SEO White Hat


The sites must be followed constantly for a stable and lasting SEO positioning, this requires time and advanced techniques. Excessive aggression, both onsite “Keyword Stuffing”, and offsite, should be avoided through inappropriate link-building and too focused on the reference keywords. The latter, if well structured, can be performing in the short term, but can turn into a boomerang over time.
The link must come from blogs, sites, magazines, etc., stable and possibly with an excellent “brand image”, “link reputation” and “high organic traffic”.


keywords strategyTHE KEYWORDS: the basis of the strategy

The analysis of keywords is the basis of any SEO strategy. Identifying keywords is not easy in competitive SEO, in some cases you have to ask yourself questions by putting yourself on the users’ side. While it is true that the keywords with the highest competition can bring a lot of traffic, it is also true that for some of them the competition is very high and this is not necessarily the most fruitful way, if not from the point of view of the brand image. . To check the competitiveness of a keyword, the google keyword planner, or other paid software, can be used. The number of impressions and the number of clicks / cost can give you an idea of ​​how profitable it can be to be in the top positions, both in terms of money and conversion.

Long tail keywords can often be very fruitful as they are more targeted and generally require less effort. In these cases, the strategy is to position yourself well for several long tails, in order to have a good number of impressions for specific topics. It should be remembered that with the introduction of Rank Brain, stop words are taken into consideration for positioning.

Today many searches are carried out at a vocal level (for example siri or inside search), and therefore SEO is also evolving in this direction, long tails are really longer, richer and more similar to verbal language. Once the basket of keywords has been identified, the cost of the SEO campaign and the time required for positioning can be understood, thanks also to the help offered by various tools for analyzing competitors and link reputation.


Content is the KingTHE CONTENT: the user is the king

Content is the beating heart of SEO. A page must be built in a workmanlike manner, must have the right user experience designed specifically for its target, and must be populated with unique and relevant content for both users and search engines. When a user searches for content, he does it with a purpose. The title, description, text and images must satisfy the request, so as to become the reference point for that given topic. To do this, you need to create pages full of information. The quantity and quality of the information we provide are the litmus test for correct indexing. It is not essential to create pages with infinite scroll, that is, very long, they must be mainly authoritative and engaging.


Already with RankBrain, Google has tried to use AI to improve the comprehension of the text in order to return answers that are increasingly relevant to the user’s search intent.


BERT, marks in 2019, an essential step forward for SEO, as it should put an end to the manual review of the most important serps by quality raters, who will instead contribute to the training of Neural Networks.

BERT is a pre-training method of linguistic representations, a training to create a model of “language understanding” in all its nuances and characteristics, intercepting even the most meticulous logic of thought. BERT surpasses previous methods because it is the first unsupervised (or almost) and deeply bi-directional system in terms of NLP.

BERT needed pre-training, and deep training before its release and is now able to contextualize words both left and right, bringing the understanding of the content to a level never reached before.

Through the neural networks produced, BERT is able to adapt to many contexts, not only therefore to the positioning for search engines, since the models released by Google can be perfected on a wide range of NLP activities in a very short time.

With this essential step, SEO changes, and with it many pieces of methodologies still stand with Rank Brain. The nuance, the creative touch, the uniqueness of the single thought injected into a sentence can determine an ascent towards the first pages.

content marketing curveCONTENT MARKETING: SEO says thank you and conversions too

1027 / 5000

Translation results

To increase the number of long tail keywords on which to position a website, more and more companies often resort to content marketing. After creating an editorial plan, the blog, the news section or any other architectural model is used to spread valuable content. This allows in the medium to long term to have many accesses from different niche keywords with a greater probability of affiliation and conversion. The articles must be consistent in terms of quantity and above all useful to users.
Only in this way is a user-brand bond created.
The contents created for the website can then be redundant on social channels with the benefit of increasing access and expanding the number of followers. Today content marketing is one of the most used SEO / social media marketing strategies, because it allows you to obtain tangible benefits in the medium / long term, intercepting new potential customers even on otherwise unreachable keys.


SEO FOR IMAGES: granular optimization.

An SEO campaign cannot do without images. On site through the alt it is possible to make search engines understand the meaning of the image and then direct them to index the reference keywords. The same technique can be performed when we do digital pr, article marketing, press release or guest posting. In this case, if we link an image with the presence of an alt, this will be considered the reference anchor. The use of infographics is recommended especially when data must be represented, so as to increase involvement and sharing.


Google not only favors YouTube videos in search results, but visual content as well. Visual content will have an increasing influence on SEO. Search engines are becoming able to understand what a video, audio or image actually is and contains. With the evolutions currently underway, in the not too distant future, Digital Artists will have to follow the fate of copywriters.


SPEED: Ranking element for a satisfying user eXperience

The speed of a site is essential for SEO, in fact it has become a ranking factor. We must consider that users from mobile devices are always growing and consequently the site must be fast and responsive. Google provides the pagespeed insights just to verify the loading speed and the goodness of the code, the caching and the way in which js and css were created. A fast site improves SEO but also user eXperience. A slow site will have a very high churn rate and a high bounce rate resulting in a loss of interest for your audience. The loading of a page must always be lower than 2.5 seconds.

To further improve mobile loading, AMP technology has been introduced, which makes it possible to streamline pages and view them quickly even from slow devices (3G).


RETURN USERS: affiliation, brand reputation and conversions.

When users get used to finding a site on Google using a mnemonically simple keyword, in the short term they will use the same technique to return to it. For this reason, consistency and stability are required in SEO. The latter is achieved only with long-term programs, and with a responsible and totally white hat link building. Technically it means not to force your hand to reach the first page immediately, but to get there in the most stable way possible. Returning users are essential for increasing notoriety, they are more affiliated and notoriously tend to convert more in the medium term.


BOUNCE RATEFREQUENCY OF BOUNCE: content, navigation, cross link.

For a page to be well indexed and stable, the SEO content must be complete for that given target of users. So comprehensive and interesting, you explain in detail everything that is necessary for it to be considered relevant by people and search engines. In information rich content, users can find whatever they are looking for. Consequently, the residence time increases and the possibility of abandoning to carry out a new search decreases.
Within the main content, there should be thematic cross links, to other pages of equal thickness and interest in order to reduce the bounce rate.
With this perspective, the trend must be: to attract more and more users, keep them and induce them to surf. Thus, content marketing becomes the most effective answer to index many pages, keep the bounce rate below 35% and improve organic positioning. The myth of long pages to improve indexing takes a back seat, Google not only takes into account the length, but the quality and quantity of information that is present on the website and user behavior.

RETURN TO SERP RATE pogo stickingUSER SIGNAL: user behavior in serp matters.

User signals, so defined, are important for Google in order to constantly improve the response to the user’s question, in short, to satisfy the search intent.

The RETURN TO SERP RATE is certainly one of the most influential indicators, as it allows the search engine to understand if the site, in a given SERP, is appreciated by users. How? If a person searches, clicks on a URL, and quickly goes back to the serp (Pogo Sticking), Google will take this into account as a negative experience. A clear signal that accurately determines whether a website or page is suitable for staying in a certain position. Also in this case the mix of decisive elements in order to improve one’s ranking is wide … Contents, User experience, creativity, server speed.

THE LINK BUILDING: indexing is still needed

Link building has changed a lot and is constantly evolving. To have quality links, they need to be natural. Search engines consider links as an indication of quality, but to be such they must have very specific characteristics. There are many ways to be linked, through articles written by bloggers, magazines etc, or created through guest posts, article marketing, and quality web directories. For a correct indexing it is necessary that the origin of the link is from sites considered trustworthy, stable.
If we talk about blogs, the posted content must be unique and authoritative. The anchors can be branded or naked. Therefore, avoid forcing your hand with paid keywords, that is those for which we are indexing the site, or we run the risk of running into algorithmic penalties. SEO still cannot do without link building, therefore it is necessary that the SEO Consultant or the Agency are very prepared in this discipline, especially for new sites, or startups.

HTTPS: Secure protocol and rankin element

The https has been inserted into the ranking elements. Using it therefore offers various advantages in terms of indexing as well as guaranteeing the user a safe navigation. Several statistics show that in the first pages of search engines, Google in particular, there are a good percentage of websites with active ssl protocol. With https, Brotli can be used to improve compression and speed.


LA CDN: homogeneous performance and speed

The cdn (Content Delivery Network) is an infrastructure made up of many nodes located in different countries. It allows you to cache some elements, including css, js, html and images and quickly distribute them through the servers closest to the user. This allows you to improve the user experience and indexing, especially when the e-commerce or the site operates in different countries. Some cdn like Cloud Flare or AKAMAI also offer data protection and compression systems, and other very innovative solutions to improve speed and security. One of these is Optimal Images Delivery, a unique and effective, highly performing solution that greatly reduces loading times especially when the images are in high resolution or used dynamically.

SEO: Posizionamento Motori di Ricerca.

THE BENEFITS OF SEO: in fact they are many.

Being well positioned for different keywords in target with company objectives does not only impact on conversions that are the core of SEO, but also on brand reputation and brand awareness. When a user searches for something on search engines, he usually clicks on the first results because he considers them more reliable. This credibility must then be justified by the content of the site, but if the pages are exhaustive, the user will not only give importance to the content found but to the brand that published it. In the short term, therefore, a brand diffusion mechanism is triggered, while in the long term an increase in brand reputation and conversions.



SEO is not free, you must always take into account that it takes time and money to position yourself in the first pages of search engines for competitive keywords, but the return can be very advantageous. If we calculate that through ppc advertising the cost of a click for certain words can exceed 3 euros, we immediately understand with a few calculations the competitive and economic advantage of investing in SEO.



Matt Cutts (SMX Advanced 2014)